PHEVs Highlight 2nd Hybridfest in Madison Wisconsin July 22


calcars-logo_small(Source: CalCars) Hybridfest is a gathering that expresses the intense energy of hybrid owners who became organized in the tens of thousands through online venues like Yahoo Groups, PriusChat, and EVWorld. These  communities are where the famous "EV Button" was first discussed, and where future Hypermilers first compared notes about "pulse and glide" techniques.

Last year, the first Hybridfest showed that drivers were willing to drive across the country to come and talk about their passion. Those who came to the event were able to see a PHEV for the first time -- a car from Hymotion.

In the second annual Hybridfest, coming up in three weeks, PHEVs and their owners will be center stage. It will be one of the largest gatherings of PHEVs to date. And it may include an on-the-spot conversion. It's a great opportunity for Midwesterners who haven't gotten to our events to experience PHEVs!

We wish we could be there -- but many of those we work with will be, including Sherry Boschert, talking about her book both days, and Ted Bohn from Argonne National Lab. A representative from A123Systems, which acquired Hymotion, will be there, as will Nick Rothman, a key player in our Maker Faire and other conversions, and Pat Cadam, of Pat's Garage in San Francisco. (Nick and Pat have been involved in many West Coast Hymotion installations.)

Here's the list of PHEVs expected to be there, followed by details and a local newspaper story.
We hope top sponsors Toyota, GM and Ford will be paying attention!

Images: CalCars

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