Formula Hybrid Competition 2007


formula_hybrid(Source: Formula Hybrid is a design and engineering challenge for undergraduate and graduate college and university students. They must design, build, and compete an open-wheel, single-seat racecar. This car must conform to a formula which emphasizes drive train innovation and fuel efficiency in a high-performance application.

Formula Hybrid builds on the Formula SAE program and takes it to the next level. It adds a new layer of complexity and provides an additional technical challenge to student teams. We expect that one path of entry to the Formula Hybrid competition will be to construct the vehicle and develop the chassis and related systems in the Formula SAE program.

And then replace the IC engine with a hybrid drive train the following year for the Formula Hybrid competition, resulting in a two-year design cycle. The 2007 International Competition is set for May 1-3, 2007 at the New Hampshire International Speedway race circuit in Loudon.

Engineering Challenges

Student teams designing and constructing a Formula Hybrid car can immerse themselves in any or all of the following disciplines:

• High-Power Electronics such as motors, generators, controllers, and DC-DC converters

• Mechanical systems including suspension, steering, braking, chassis design, body design, and ergonomics

• Race strategy and management

• Computerized systems control

• Data acquisition

• Internal combustion engines, including intake and exhaust systems, fuel management, and ignition systems

• Regenerative electric/hydraulic braking systems

• Project management

Formula Hybrid Demonstration Event 2006 (Image 1)

Formula Hybrid Demonstration Event 2006 (Image 2)

There is more information about rules and design on the web site of Formula Hybrid.


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