Amberjac Projects Wins Development Order to Build Integrated Plug In Hybrid Battery

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amberjac-logo(Source: Amberjac Projects) UK - Zytek Systems have placed a development order for a fully integrated plug in hybrid Lithium-Ion battery system with Amberjac Projects Ltd. The project is an EST funded programme to create a working example of a passenger Hybrid Vehicle with extended electric only range, the car is scheduled to be delivered back to Zytek for trials in August 2007.

Amberjac Projects were chosen as the supplier of the battery system from their extensive experience in creating battery systems for vehicular applications. Simon Sheldon, Managing Director of Amberjac said ‘This is a great opportunity for both Zytek and Amberjac to demonstrate plug in hybrid systems as an effective transport solution and show we have the capability to put this type of system in place today rather than on the extended timescales other players in this field are working to’.

He also said, "Amberjac Projects have a history of delivering on its promises, we have already launched our plug in hybrid conversion for the Toyota Prius, in conjunction with our partners in California EnergyCS, on an advanced prototype basis with early adopters, having delivered 6 conversion systems in Europe since January out of the first batch of 10 systems, this programme will be expanded with more vehicles to follow."

Amberjac Projects has seen its client base expand dramatically to include development for a several of the Automotive Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s) who have recognised that there are very few companies demonstrating and delivering capability in this area.

For further information on this press release or further details of Amberjac Projects solutions please contact Simon Sheldon, Managing Director.

Simon Sheldon, Managing Director
Amberjac Projects Ltd
+ 44 1476 563090

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