Valeo´s starter-alternator now equips the new micro-hybrid smart

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valeo_start-stopp_small(Source: Valeo) Paris, France, 12th July 2007 - Valeo, first on the market in 2004 with its micro-hybrid starter-alternator technology StARS, announces today that this system will now be standard equipment on the smart fortwo mhd (micro-hybrid drive).

"Valeo is leading the way in developing solutions that meet society’s needs for cars with lower fuel consumption and emissions at reasonable cost. We are delighted that another automaker has recognised the value of the StARS system in achieving these objectives: the potential fuel savings offered by this system are up to 28% in congested urban traffic" says Thierry Morin, Valeo Chairman and CEO.

The StARS system features the capacity to stop the engine at a red light or in a traffic jam and then restart it immediately and silently when the brake is released. This technology offers significant fuel savings and emission reductions without disrupting the driver's normal driving habits. On the smart mhd, the Valeo system offers up to 13% fuel economy in urban driving conditions.

The StARS system represents a key part of Valeo's Powertrain Efficiency Domain which aims at enhancing performance and driving pleasure while reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. This Domain covers various aspects of powertrain and vehicle transmission, such as electrical systems, engine cooling and clutch systems, for smoother, more economical transfer of power and torque to the wheels. Valeo solutions in this domain can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Image: Valeo


0 #1 2007-07-27 15:51
The savings for Stop'n Start hybrids are in the range of 5-10% not 40%!

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