Maxwell Technologies Introduces 390-Volt Ultracapacitor Module

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(Source: Maxwell) San Diego, CA - Maxwell Technologies, Inc. has introduced a rugged 390-volt BOOSTCAP(R) ultracapacitor module to provide scalable, easy-to-integrate, energy storage and power delivery solutions for heavy hybrid and electric vehicles and heavy duty industrial applications requiring up to 1,170 volts.

The new Heavy Duty Transportation (HTM) module delivers industry-leading performance and reliability and long operational life for vehicles and industrial systems that use electrical energy to enhance their efficiency and environmental compatibility. The newest addition to Maxwell's HTM product family features enhanced integration technology and up to 2.8 times greater energy storage than earlier products.

"Ultracapacitor-based solutions increase the efficiency of systems that consume electrical energy, which saves fuel or grid power, thereby reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants associated with conventional internal combustion vehicles and energy generation," said Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer. "This rugged, high-performance, module is designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of regenerative braking systems in hybrid and electric buses, trucks, electric rail and other heavy vehicles, as well as cranes and other heavy-duty industrial applications."

The new module meets or exceeds transportation industry requirements for watt-hours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram, and is designed to perform reliably through one million or more deep discharge cycles, or about 15 years of operational life for most vehicles or industrial systems. It has integrated voltage management circuitry and monitoring capabilities and highly efficient, fan-driven, forced air cooling that ensures good thermal performance at high continuous currents.

"In addition to efficiently managing thermal loads under high current cycling conditions, this module is built to withstand the harsh environments, shock, vibration and extremely demanding duty cycles that are typical with heavy transportation applications," said Michael Everett, Maxwell's vice president and chief technical officer.

"Improvements in module design and advancing cell performance through material science are enabling enhanced functionality and robustness while significantly reducing manufacturing cost."

The self-cooled HTM BMOD0018-P390 is encased in a rugged, splash- and dust-proof, IP 65-compliant, aluminum chassis. Each module is rated at 18 farads, and up to three modules may be linked in series to deliver a total of up to 1,170 volts. Maxwell also offers standard 16-, 48- and 125-volt modules, and a "Quick-Turn" program that offers shipment within 14 days of receipt of a customer purchase order for custom-configured modules for applications requiring up to 540 volts. Complete information and data sheets for Maxwell's module products is available at the company's website:

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