EVS-23: Enova Systems to Display Ultracapacitor Technology for Hybrids

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enova-logo(Source: Enova) Torrance, CA - Enova Systems announced that it will present Ultra-Capacitor technology for Hybrid Vehicles at the world's largest Electric Vehicle Symposium, EVS 23 in Anaheim from Dec 2-5. Additionally, Enova, along with IC Corporation will display their production Hybrid School and Commercial Bus.

Various other examples of Enova's unique and proprietary technologies will also be displayed including their Power Control Unit, which is currently being delivered to Think Global for their use on all of their Electric Vehicles.

Terry Morano, Enova's Director of Worldwide Sales said "Enova is poised to display some of its unique production capabilities, as well as display what we feel are critical new technologies that will further grow the market. EVS will be an excellent forum for our company to continue establishing our position in the market as a World Leading production supplier."

The ultra capacitor technology that will be displayed shows Enova's ongoing commitment to evaluating and determining the best source of energy for their customer's performance and drive cycle expectation. It is expected that ultra capacitors will provide incremental starting energy to an electric motor. The energy from the ultra capacitor should then feed the electric-drive motor, which is located in the drive-train. The result of this action is that ultra capacitors can capture a significant amount of regenerative braking energy, which could enhance the fuel economy of a hybrid vehicle.

A production Hybrid School Bus and Commercial Bus, built by IC Corp, the nation's largest school bus manufacturer will also be on display. The plug-in hybrid diesel-electric school bus helps offset increasing fuel costs while protecting the environment, potentially doubling fuel economy and reducing emissions by up to 90 percent. While the exterior of the hybrid buses look the same as standard buses, they are powered with Enova's innovative technology. The hybrid power train couples a V-8 diesel engine with an 80-kilowatt battery-powered electric drive. The electric system activates when needed to reduce the amount of diesel power and fuel usage. The hybrid bus also has capability to run on bio fuel blends to increase environmental performance. Enova and IC Corp have partnered to supply buses throughout 11 states, and are now expanding the market as they will soon be delivering vehicles to both Mexico and Canada.

Additionally, Enova and IC are working together to capture funding from the Air Resource Board's (ARB's) Lower-Emission School Bus Program. The program will provide $200M of grant funding for new, safer school buses and put air pollution control equipment on buses that are already on the road Randall Ray, IC Corporation Manager for Bus Product Development adds that "IC is ready to provide these hybrid school buses, when you look at the diesel hybrid electric bus, using a new 2007 emissions compliant MaxxForce engine in the hybrid drive, we are now stacking clean air technologies together realizing significant gains."

Enova will also display its latest design of their Power Control Unit (PCU), which is a critical component on the highly anticipated electric vehicle being produced by Norwegian based Think Global. The PCU is a critical component of the vehicle's power system, converting and regulating high voltage power to lower voltages where and as required. Enova's module transfers power throughout the drive system and the battery, and assists in energy recovery during regenerative braking. The source of propulsion power is therefore transparent to the driver, allowing him to concentrate on normal vehicle operation. The highly anticipated introduction of the vehicle, and high volume production, is expected in the 2008 model year. The Think Vehicle has a top speed of 65 to 70 mph and a range of 100 miles, is an environmentally friendly, zero emission, all electric vehicle ideally suited for metropolitan cities.

Image: Enova Systems, Inc.

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