Raser and FEV to Develop Plug-in Hybrid Demo Vehicle


raser-logo(Source: Raser) Raser Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has signed an agreement appointing FEV Engine Technology, Inc., one of the world’s leading developers of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, as the integrator for an advanced plug-in-hybrid electric demonstration vehicle, incorporating Symetron electric motor and power electronic drive powertrain technology.

The vehicle is targeted to achieve more than 100 mpg for the typical American driver while dramatically reducing harmful fuel emissions. For 30 years, the world’s leading automakers have relied on FEV as a preferred engine, powertrain and vehicle developer, and system integrator. FEV works with OEMs worldwide to develop new powertrain and vehicle integration designs into prototypes that can be integrated into OEM production vehicles.

Raser has developed award winning electric motor and electronic drive controller technology. By combining the strengths of the two companies in this project, Raser and FEV plan to demonstrate plug-in-hybrid vehicles that offer significant improvements in fuel economy with reduced emissions through the use of Raser’s Symetron electric motor propulsion drive system.

Jim Spellman, Raser Technologies Vice President of Transportation stated, “We are excited to be working with FEV on this project. FEV is one of the global leaders in powertrain and vehicle integration and has extensive experience in working with the Big 3 and with leading automotive OEMs globally. We look forward to demonstrating Symetron technology in a new drive system.”

Patrick J. Schwartz, President of Raser Technologies stated, “We are pleased to be teaming with FEV to do this project. I feel we have put together an excellent team. Jim Spellman’s 25 years in the automotive industry has been indispensable in bringing this project to fruition. We are excited for the opportunities it should bring both for Raser and the industry as plug-in-hybrid vehicles enter the market over the next few years.”

Gary Rogers, President and CEO of FEV Engine Technology remarked that "FEV looks forward to supporting Raser on this important project. FEV is uniquely qualified to provide all of the powertrain resources necessary to help Raser develop and integrate new technology innovations and support them as they position their products for production."

Image: Raser Technologies

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