Saft Launches First Li-ion Cell Capable of Operating at +125°C


saft_batteries-logo(Source: Saft) Paris - Saft has launched the world’s first Li-ion (lithium-ion) cell capable of operating at temperatures of up to +125°C - an innovation that opens up exciting new possibilities for the design of MWD (Measurement While Drilling) tools. At the same time, Saft has also launched a new D-size primary lithium cell.

The launch of the new VL 25500-125 Li-ion cell and the new LSH 20-150 primary cell is a major development in the design of reliable, cost-effective power sources for electronic equipment operating under the high levels of shock, vibration and pressure and extreme temperatures experienced by MWD tools in the oil and gas exploration industry.

Li-ion opens up new horizons for MWD design
Saft has achieved a world first by creating a robust Li-ion cell capable of charging and discharging at extreme temperatures up to +125°C, while being able to safely withstand temperatures up to +135°C. This major leap in operating temperature, from the current maximum of +65°C, opens up new horizons for MWD tool developers and manufacturers as, for the very first time, they will be able to incorporate a high performance rechargeable battery in their design. In some future applications this could eliminate completely the need to withdraw an MWD tool for replacement of a spent battery, with the benefit of improved continuity for the drilling operation.

The new VL 25500-125 C-size and VL32600-125 D-size cells are intended for use in the construction of batteries to be integrated within sophisticated MWD tools that incorporate onboard alternator technology, driven by the mud flow, to power their electronic systems. When the mud is flowing the battery will be charged. When the flow stops, such as when drilling is halted, the battery will be discharged to provide power for the MWD electronics. When the flow restarts the battery will recharge itself. The fast-charging, deep-discharge and high cycling capability of the Li-ion electrochemistry will effectively enable the MWD tool to remain in continuous downhole operation.

New LSH 20-150 primary batteries for MWD, now operates up to 150°C
At the same time, Saft has also launched the LSH 20-150, a new D-size primary lithium cell capable of operating at temperatures up to +150°C. Currently, the optimum primary battery solution for MWD tools utilises lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) cells such as Saft’s super robust LSH 20 HTS D-size cell, which is a mechanically enhanced version of a design developed originally for space probes. With the new LSH 20-150, Saft has extended the maximum operational temperature to +150°C (from the previous maximum of +120°C). The new cell enables Saft to address the battery needs of the mid-temperature applications (+125°C to +150°C) that are the most substantial part of the MWD market.

Image: Saft Batteries

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