Fast Electric Car Charger from ZAP Cuts Recharge Time from Hours to Minutes


zap_logo(Source: ZAP) California - Imagine charging your electric car in the time it takes you to have lunch. That's what electric car pioneer ZAP is saying about a new charging technology for their XEBRA electric car or truck.

ZAP says the charger on the XEBRA can be configured for charging with either a 110 or 220-volt outlet like the ones used with a household washer and dryer. The new charger is able to provide up to 100 amps or 10,000 watts of electricity into the vehicle and ZAP Chairman Gary Starr says it will significantly extend daily driving range.

"This new charger can reduce your charge time from hours to minutes," said Starr. "Now you can drive your electric car all day with just a few short stops. In the time it takes to eat lunch you can hook your XEBRA up to the charger and have a full charge in less than an hour. Think of it as putting your XEBRA out to graze."

Normally the XEBRA recharges in under six hours, but Starr says the new charger would be ideal for fleets, government agencies, corporations, universities and multi-car families looking to incorporate all-electric vehicles. It connects to a 240-volt, 60 amp circuit or 208-volt, 3-phase, 50 amp circuit. The fast charger is similar to ones used at Southwest Airlines, America West Airlines, the Toronto Pearson International Airport, and Arizona Public Service for recharging their fleets.

The new charger can be ordered through ZAP for about $9,000 and can even qualify for a Federal 30 percent tax credit. See IRS Tax Form 8911 for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Property Credit. Starr added that people needing an even faster recharge could order a charger capable of putting out 15 kW or 50 percent more power.

ZAP calls the XEBRA design a 'city-car,' available as a 4-door sedan or 2-passenger truck, good for city-speed driving up to 40 MPH and priced about $10,000. ZAP recently introduced another way of improving range and battery life with an optional rooftop solar panel. For purchasing information, contact your local ZAP dealer. For a list of dealers, visit

Source: ZAP Press Report


0 #1 2007-03-16 20:53
Drei Brusa Netzladegeräte parallel oder an an drei Phasen schaffen das schon seit einem guten Jahrzehnt.
Sogar der Preis ist vergleichbar !
Wenige Minuten sind es aber dann immer noch nicht- 10 kWh mit einem 10 kW Ladegerät dauert immer noch eine Stunde!


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