EnerDel Delivers First Prototype Lithium-ion Battery Pack for the TH!NK City


enerdel-logoEnerDel has delivered the first mechanical prototype of the lithium-ion battery pack for the new TH!NK City vehicle for form and fit evaluation.

The pack has been installed in a sample vehicle, which the Norwegian company delivered to EnerDel's Indianapolis facility last week.

Through the end of April, EnerDel will deliver additional functional prototype packs that will be tested at EnerDel, evaluated in the sample electric vehicle, and undergo third-party performance assessment. Before the end of the first half of the year, EnerDel expects to have its electric vehicle battery pack operating in the TH!NK City. EnerDel is providing a total systems solution for the battery pack, including cells, electronics and vehicle integration.

"The testing phase is now commencing and we are confident that we will provide production of the TH!NK City battery on schedule by the end of 2008", said EnerDel CEO Ulrik Grape.

EnerDel is increasing capacity for volume production of the lithium-ion battery system for Think, including by tapping the company's close relationship with ITOCHU Corporation.

"Based on the size and scope of Think's aggressive business plan, battery manufacturing capacity is the crucial issue that we are tackling right now," said Ener1 Chairman Charles Gassenheimer. "Cooperation with ITOCHU will significantly contribute to scaling up production capacity to meet our Norwegian partner's battery demands."

(Source and Image: EnerDel)

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